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Coding is an art. There are many ways to paint an apple, but which is better? Most of the code we write everyday can be written in better ways to achieve different objectives. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes. Code quality can be observed through various identifying markers. Perhaps you're not aware of them, don't have time to look for them or are too caught up in the moment to notice?

That's where steps in! Its a place where you can get feedback on your code, challenge other developers to improve it, work out ideas, in general just collaboratively discuss or rewrite a piece of code. It allows you to show pieces of bad code you find, but to also fix them and teach people how to avoid repeating those mistakes.

Come on in and help us write better code!

You can get help in these categories:

Make this code better

How can this code be improved? Readability, performance, architecture, all aspects.

Make this code faster

This code needs to fly, looking good does not matter, it just needs to be fast, how can it be improved?

Coding Horror, be scared

We see things that should never be done or repeated, these are good examples, teach people how to fix them.

Give me feedback

What's good or bad about this code? People trying to get a general idea of what their code looks like.

I dare you to improve this

I think this code is awesome, I challenge you to prove otherwise.

Latest Code Entries

  • Make this code better

    This Is So Frustrating 0 reactions

    I did a demo email to see if my coming soon countdown page would work properly. When I hit submit I got an HTTP Status 405 method post is not supported by this url. The submit button when clicked should send to my email.

    Treat Organic about 8 days ago

  • Make this code better

    HELP ME PLEASE 0 reactions

    It is a mess, I need to fix the variables and make two charts appear and work on the page. PLEASE HELP ME.

    Holly Wallner about 9 days ago

  • Make this code better

    mouse in the maze. 0 reactions

    so, we using linked list as a stack, the mouse need to get to the end of the maze in this case a 2d array and the exit is N-1,M-1.... my code works perfectly unless i enter more raws than calls, i guess some malloc or free memory out of index or somthing.

    alex boyev about 18 days ago

  • Make this code better

    Code doesn't work for some reason [Python] 1 reactions

    Basically, I wrote a program to shift letters down & up until they found a word in a message, and then move onto the next message, and ect. until they found all of them. Once they were finished finding all of them, all they had to do was print out ('{message} : {shifted}')

    Dont fuckin worry bout it about 22 days ago

  • Make this code better

    i have an error on line38 display(rec) 0 reactions

    i was trying to a code of bmi but i always get this one error, pls help to fix it

    ram about 24 days ago

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