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Coding is an art. There are many ways to paint an apple, but which is better? Most of the code we write everyday can be written in better ways to achieve different objectives. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes. Code quality can be observed through various identifying markers. Perhaps you're not aware of them, don't have time to look for them or are too caught up in the moment to notice?

That's where steps in! Its a place where you can get feedback on your code, challenge other developers to improve it, work out ideas, in general just collaboratively discuss or rewrite a piece of code. It allows you to show pieces of bad code you find, but to also fix them and teach people how to avoid repeating those mistakes.

Come on in and help us write better code!

You can get help in these categories:

Make this code better

How can this code be improved? Readability, performance, architecture, all aspects.

Make this code faster

This code needs to fly, looking good does not matter, it just needs to be fast, how can it be improved?

Coding Horror, be scared

We see things that should never be done or repeated, these are good examples, teach people how to fix them.

Give me feedback

What's good or bad about this code? People trying to get a general idea of what their code looks like.

I dare you to improve this

I think this code is awesome, I challenge you to prove otherwise.

Latest Code Entries

  • Make this code better

    Help needed on my Nimble Ninja Game ! 0 reactions

    I finished writing all the code to the game, but Xcode is not allowing me to run the game because the "Method does not override any method from its superclass"

    Anna Rippert about 6 days ago

  • Make this code better

    Android Studio Accelerometer Problem 0 reactions

    I am making a code where I detect movement of the hip in a golf swing. In line 198, I am trying to see whether the user is starting their golf swing. If they are then it should vibrate. Because the hip goes horizontal in the golf swing I am only using the x axis. When I debug the code, the highest D

    Joe Dilion about 25 days ago

  • Make this code better

    SOS C++ assignment 0 reactions

    My code is supposed to read a file containing a poem (the sleeper) and write out a file (occurrences.txt) with the words of the poem printed and the number of times each word occurs in the poem

    Suzanne Greenwood about 2 months ago

  • Make this code better

    I cant enter mark data from keyboard. Do you know where I was wrong in this code? 0 reactions

    Class 1: #pragma once #include"Candidate.h" class List { private: int CanCount; public: Candidate *list; ~List(); void DataIn(); int getCanCount(); bool checkOver15(Candidate c); }; List::~List() { delete(list); } void List::DataIn() { cout << "How many candidates do you

    Huynh Le Hieu Nam about 2 months ago

  • Make this code better

    Basic wget bash script 0 reactions

    Trying download some data from a website and getting permission denied even though I have the username and password in there and have access through the website. Also getting an error 'comint exited abnormally with code 126'

    Ara Cate about 4 months ago

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