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drop folder that writes the name of a file to doc and then deletes that file

after i have watched a show, i want to drop that file into a folder. the code should append the name of the file into a word doc, then delete the file afterwards. every drop would be appended to the same doc entered on a new line, even if i drag and drop multiple files at the same time. then delete multiple files.

i managed to write in dos the way to write the file names of one or more files in part 1 and part 2 does delete multiple files, but i cant seem to get both parts to work together at the same time.

/** dir /a /b /ON | findstr /V ".bat .doc .txt" >> seen.doc && for /f %f in ('dir /b ^| findstr /vi ".bat .txt .doc"') do del "%f*"dir /a /b /ON | findstr /V ".bat .doc .txt" >> seen.doc && for /f %f in ('dir /b ^| findstr /vi ".bat .txt .doc"') do del "%f*" */

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