Coding Horror, be scared

for the love of you know who pleas help me with my game

this game is a mess

@echo off title game color 0f :menu cls echo hello welcome to the game echo ------------------------- pause echo here you can echo. echo 1. start echo 2. info echo 3. exit echo 4. develeper echo. pause set/p menuchoice= if %menuchoice% == 1 goto startgame if %menuchoice% == 2 goto info if %menuchoice% == 3 exit if %menuchoice% == 4 goto develeper goto menu :develeper goto l1 :info cls title info for the game color 04 pause echo warning echo ------- echo this game is not for the faint of heart begin at your own risk echo -------------------------------------------------------------- echo Rules: dont hack my game you will be punished. controle p to pause echo ------------------------------------------------------------------ pause color 0f title game cls goto menu :startgame cls title lets play color 0f echo Please enter your charters name... echo ---------------------------------- echo. set /p player= if %player% == exit exit if %player% == p pause echo. echo press any key to start, THE QUEST pause >nul goto l1 :l1 cls title level 1 color 0f echo a monster apears echo %player% attack? echo sword magic bow echo. set /p monster1 if %monster1% == sword

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