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List to HTML Generator

This is a simple class that converts a list into an html table. It accepts an array of strings as the table header, a map of strings that holds information such as css classes, id etc.

As it is, the code runs and does what it is supposed to do. However, I am submitting this code in order to learn from others how to better implement things next time. Thank you
package Helpers; import models.TableData; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; /** * Created by wale on 10/21/14. * Class generates an HTML table from * a List of Objects that implements * the TableData interface */ public class Table { private final String[] header; private final List<? extends TableData> tableData; private final List<String[]> tableDataX = new ArrayList<String[]>(); private final Map<String, String> htmlArgs; private final String TAG_NEW_LINE = "\n"; private final String TAB = "\t"; private final String TAG_TBODY_OPEN = "<tbody>"; private final String TAG_TBODY_CLOSE = "</tbody>"; private final String TAG_TH_OPEN = "<thead>"; private final String TAG_TH_CLOSE = "</thead>"; private final String TAG_TR_OPEN = "<tr>"; private final String TAG_TR_CLOSE = "</tr>"; private final String TAG_TD_OPEN = "<td>"; private final String TAG_TD_CLOSE = "</td>"; private final String TAG_NBSPC = "&nbsp;"; private int tdCount = 0; private StringBuilder builder; public Table(String[] header, Map<String, String> htmlArgs, List<? extends TableData> tableData) { this.header = header; this.htmlArgs = htmlArgs; this.tableData = tableData; this.tdCount = this.header.length; prepData(); builder = new StringBuilder(); } /** * Prepares tableData as a List of arrays */ private void prepData() { for (int i = 0; i < tableData.size(); i++) { tableDataX.add(tableData.get(i).toArray()); } } /** * Generates the table tag and the html arguments */ private void createOpening() { builder.append("<table "); for (Map.Entry<String, String> entry : htmlArgs.entrySet()) { builder.append(entry.getKey()); builder.append("='"); builder.append(entry.getValue()); builder.append("' "); } builder.append(">"); } /** * Generates the table head section */ private void createHeader() { builder.append(TAG_NEW_LINE) .append(TAB) .append(TAG_TH_OPEN) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE) .append(TAB) .append(TAG_TR_OPEN) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); for (String item : this.header) { builder.append(TAB) .append(TAG_TD_OPEN) .append(item) .append(TAG_TD_CLOSE) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); } builder.append(TAB) .append(TAG_TR_CLOSE) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE) .append(TAG_TH_CLOSE) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); } /** * Generates the table body section */ private void createBody() { builder.append(TAG_NEW_LINE) .append(TAG_TBODY_OPEN) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); for (String[] item : tableDataX) { builder.append(TAB) .append(TAG_TR_OPEN) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); //Using the length of the header array in order // to ensure that the TD generated matches // the column size for (int i = 0; i < header.length; i++) { builder.append(TAB) .append(TAB) .append(TAG_TD_OPEN); try { //Possible ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception builder.append(item[i]); } catch (Exception exp) { builder.append(TAG_NBSPC); } builder.append(TAG_TD_CLOSE) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); } builder.append(TAB) .append(TAG_TR_CLOSE) .append(TAG_NEW_LINE); } builder.append(TAG_TBODY_CLOSE).append(TAG_NEW_LINE); } /** * Generates the Tables closing tags */ private void createClosing() { builder.append("</table>"); } /** * Renders the raw table HTML * * @return String */ public String render() { createOpening(); createHeader(); createBody(); createClosing(); return builder.toString(); } }
package Helpers; public interface TableData { String[] toArray(); }

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