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  • UnScramble Game GUI 0 reactions

    I am working on a GUI for a game where you guess scrambled words. This code is a work-in-progress so I had to break some things that were working to try to get the GUI to run. I want for the user to press the "Begin Game" button in the GUI_Project class and then print the "printwords" method from th

    Will Orr about 33 days ago
  • Java methods 2 reactions

    Im trying to make a simple Int calc with methods, but something is wrong with the variables "resultado, resultadod, resultados and resultador" which are the results from methods. This is not working.

    Jose Emilio about 3 months ago
  • SOS Nothing is working 3 reactions

    I am creating a Harry Potter platform game where the aim is to collect a horcrux at each level. There are enemies which can be jumped on to kill and potions on some levels which add a life. My hero is not moving properly and the keys (horcruxes) and potions are not being collected. PLEASE help, I am

    Sally Tuin about 5 months ago
  • Unity c# 0 reactions

    So, I'm using c# right now to link a start menu and an exit menu for a game on Unity and I have a couple errors. I am doing this for a school project and the game will be linked later on but the game is a game where you build your own PC because I've never seen anyone do that before so I would be th

    Romit Sen about 11 months ago
  • Please fix this code! 0 reactions

    The code is supposed to create a slideshow and have captions imbedded, instead the slideshow is half cut off and the captions are no where in sight. PLEASE HELP

    Emilia Diaz-Magaloni about 2 years ago
  • Class is not abstract and doesn't override compareTo in comparable interface? 3 reactions

    this code is supposed to compare 3 ints and return the largest using the comparable interface. what am i doing wrong?

    Persian Version about 4 years ago
  • test 0 reactions


    Erdinc Akkaya about 4 years ago
  • Proper variable naming 2 reactions

    This code won't let anyone who wishes to modify it at a later moment. Make your variable names complete, even if they are long, don't be lazy!

    Jeff Noel about 5 years ago