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  • Java methods 2 reactions

    Im trying to make a simple Int calc with methods, but something is wrong with the variables "resultado, resultadod, resultados and resultador" which are the results from methods. This is not working.

    Jose Emilio about 15 months ago
  • SOS Nothing is working 3 reactions

    I am creating a Harry Potter platform game where the aim is to collect a horcrux at each level. There are enemies which can be jumped on to kill and potions on some levels which add a life. My hero is not moving properly and the keys (horcruxes) and potions are not being collected. PLEASE help, I am

    Sally Tuin about 2 years ago
  • Unity c# 0 reactions

    So, I'm using c# right now to link a start menu and an exit menu for a game on Unity and I have a couple errors. I am doing this for a school project and the game will be linked later on but the game is a game where you build your own PC because I've never seen anyone do that before so I would be th

    Romit Sen about 2 years ago
  • Please fix this code! 0 reactions

    The code is supposed to create a slideshow and have captions imbedded, instead the slideshow is half cut off and the captions are no where in sight. PLEASE HELP

    Emilia Diaz-Magaloni about 3 years ago
  • Class is not abstract and doesn't override compareTo in comparable interface? 3 reactions

    this code is supposed to compare 3 ints and return the largest using the comparable interface. what am i doing wrong?

    Persian Version about 5 years ago
  • test 0 reactions


    Erdinc Akkaya about 5 years ago
  • Proper variable naming 2 reactions

    This code won't let anyone who wishes to modify it at a later moment. Make your variable names complete, even if they are long, don't be lazy!

    Jeff Noel about 6 years ago