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  • Google Sheet auto response from third party email with attachment 0 reactions

    New to coding. Pieced this together from a few sources. Was working fine until I tried to get it to send from a third party email instead of mine and tried to add an attachment file. Can someone show me what I am doing wrong and how to correct this?

    Brian Kibler about 2 months ago
  • drop folder that writes the name of a file to doc and then deletes that file 0 reactions

    after i have watched a show, i want to drop that file into a folder. the code should append the name of the file into a word doc, then delete the file afterwards. every drop would be appended to the same doc entered on a new line, even if i drag and drop multiple files at the same time. then delete

    craig kreskay about 4 months ago

    Objective: To set a scene and tell a story in 1 minute Background: Often, computer games are based on a story and designers/developers use cut scenes to help the story progress. In this assignment, you will create a 1 minute cut scene that could be used in a game. You can either create your ow

    julia evan about 4 months ago
  • Entry Form php html ERROR 19 reactions

    Login system should display information when entered correct and "invalid" if enter incorrectly. I'm not sure what I have done wrong tried copying the code from a YouTube. I think its to do with the PHP part but not 100% sure.

    Jacob Robinson about 4 months ago
  • HELP IS NEEDED 0 reactions

    ok, im sort of a noob in and i need help. i have 2 errors with to lines of code. each the same error. ALSO IM USING VB.NET NOT C#. THERE WAS JUST NO OPTION FOR VB.NET! Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error BC30469 Reference to a non-shared member requires an

    Internetperson lol about 5 months ago
  • HELP PLS 0 reactions

    It is a cheat for a Game but i'm having some issues with it

    Daniel Oliveira about 5 months ago
  • This Is So Frustrating 0 reactions

    I did a demo email to see if my coming soon countdown page would work properly. When I hit submit I got an HTTP Status 405 method post is not supported by this url. The submit button when clicked should send to my email.

    Treat Organic about 5 months ago
  • HELP ME PLEASE 0 reactions

    It is a mess, I need to fix the variables and make two charts appear and work on the page. PLEASE HELP ME.

    Holly Wallner about 5 months ago
  • mouse in the maze. 0 reactions

    so, we using linked list as a stack, the mouse need to get to the end of the maze in this case a 2d array and the exit is N-1,M-1.... my code works perfectly unless i enter more raws than calls, i guess some malloc or free memory out of index or somthing.

    alex boyev about 6 months ago
  • Code doesn't work for some reason [Python] 1 reactions

    Basically, I wrote a program to shift letters down & up until they found a word in a message, and then move onto the next message, and ect. until they found all of them. Once they were finished finding all of them, all they had to do was print out ('{message} : {shifted}')

    Dont fuckin worry bout it about 6 months ago