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  • This Is So Frustrating 0 reactions

    I did a demo email to see if my coming soon countdown page would work properly. When I hit submit I got an HTTP Status 405 method post is not supported by this url. The submit button when clicked should send to my email.

    Treat Organic about 8 days ago
  • HELP ME PLEASE 0 reactions

    It is a mess, I need to fix the variables and make two charts appear and work on the page. PLEASE HELP ME.

    Holly Wallner about 9 days ago
  • mouse in the maze. 0 reactions

    so, we using linked list as a stack, the mouse need to get to the end of the maze in this case a 2d array and the exit is N-1,M-1.... my code works perfectly unless i enter more raws than calls, i guess some malloc or free memory out of index or somthing.

    alex boyev about 18 days ago
  • Code doesn't work for some reason [Python] 1 reactions

    Basically, I wrote a program to shift letters down & up until they found a word in a message, and then move onto the next message, and ect. until they found all of them. Once they were finished finding all of them, all they had to do was print out ('{message} : {shifted}')

    Dont fuckin worry bout it about 22 days ago
  • i have an error on line38 display(rec) 0 reactions

    i was trying to a code of bmi but i always get this one error, pls help to fix it

    ram about 24 days ago
  • Assignment for Class 0 reactions


    Bianca Crowe about 41 days ago
  • Employee Chart 0 reactions

    Assignment for class

    Bianca Crowe about 41 days ago
  • Singleton Pattern Program 3 reactions

    Write a Java program (non-GUI preferred) to demonstrate the Singleton pattern. The key parts of the singleton pattern are: A private static variable to store the single instance called the singleton A public static method for callers to get a reference to the instance A private constructor so no

    Ava Hunt about 2 months ago
  • video section 0 reactions

    i want when i play a video the others video stops automatic

    mina emil about 3 months ago
  • Convert VB.Net SQLConnection to C# SQLConnection 0 reactions

    string strErrorMessage = ""; SqlDataAdapter CCmd = new SqlDataAdapter(); DataSet CDS = new DataSet(); SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection("Initial Catalog=Common; Data Source=; user id=sa; password=;timeout=0")

    Daniel Maboe about 4 months ago