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  • SOS C++ assignment 0 reactions

    My code is supposed to read a file containing a poem (the sleeper) and write out a file (occurrences.txt) with the words of the poem printed and the number of times each word occurs in the poem

    Suzanne Greenwood about 17 months ago
  • I cant enter mark data from keyboard. Do you know where I was wrong in this code? 0 reactions

    Class 1: #pragma once #include"Candidate.h" class List { private: int CanCount; public: Candidate *list; ~List(); void DataIn(); int getCanCount(); bool checkOver15(Candidate c); }; List::~List() { delete(list); } void List::DataIn() { cout << "How many candidates do you

    Huynh Le Hieu Nam about 17 months ago
  • Basic wget bash script 0 reactions

    Trying download some data from a website and getting permission denied even though I have the username and password in there and have access through the website. Also getting an error 'comint exited abnormally with code 126'

    Ara Cate about 19 months ago
  • Please help 0 reactions

    C# script for unity

    oisin dermody about 19 months ago
  • AP CS project that will most likely be the death of me. 0 reactions

    What this program is meant to do is store the inventory for a grocery store in an ArrayList and and then print that inventory out. This is the output I'm supposed to get: *** Inventory Report for Parkville Trader Joe's Wonder bread - quantity 90 at $2.34 each Shatto milk - quantity 55 at $2

    Brennan Campbell about 20 months ago
  • Class homework 0 reactions

    I have 15 errors in lines 156, 189, and 249

    kayla davis about 20 months ago
  • help 0 reactions

    something is missing

    Larry Bell about 21 months ago
  • Project 0 reactions

    It's a game

    Bjorn Austin Burke about 22 months ago
  • Please help me with my code 0 reactions

    This code is for an amusement park tickets. I have tried running this code about 15 times and I am constantly getting the same errors: "type expected" and it is always where it says "ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles bntCalculate.Click" I do not know what else t

    Kelsey Sylvestro about 23 months ago
  • i need help on fixing this code 0 reactions

    Private Sub btnItemNumber_Click (By Val sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnItemNumber.Click Dim decCost as Decimal Dim intCount As Decimal decCost = Convert.ToDecimal(txtCost.Text) Inventory(decCost, intCount) End Sub Private Sub Inventory (ByVal cost, ByVal

    wilson garcia about 2 years ago